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Green Products Feb 22, 2008
Cool Electrical Green Products Top 10 Techno Savvy Eco Gadgets

The age-old question: how do you remain green while still enjoying the comforts of your trusty electronics? The following list of electrical green products has been compiled to give you some insight into how to do just that. With this top ten, you can now be eco-conscious and technologically savvy.

1. Samsung Mono and Color Laser Printers

Germany’s “Blue Angel Label”- a leading European label for environmental certification- has deemed Samsung’s printers to be eco-friendly based on their “resource-saving and low-emission product performance.” Additionally, Samsung has instituted a company-wide STAR (Samsung Take-back And Recycling) program, to further improve its eco-status in the green business community.

2. Apple Computers

While Apple’s been criticized for its toxicity levels and low recycling, the company boasts very high EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) ratings for energy consumption during usage,which has the greatest overall impact on a computer’s environmental footprint.

3. LG 52-Inch Wooden Plasma HDTV

This luxury flatscreen doesn’t just have a wood frame- it also incorporates wood into its entire design. That, combined with LG’s pledge to only use “lead free/low-lead internal components” make this TV a bona fide green machine – if you can afford the $10,000 price tag, that is.

4. H20 Multi Function Alarm Clock

The H20 alarm clock is powered by – you guessed it –water. Simply refill it with tap water every couple of months or so, and it’ll keep on ticking. It also features a temperature reading.

5. Sony Eco-Edition Vaio Notebook

With a slim design for minimal use of natural resources, easy-to-recycle materials, and a pledge by Sony to donate one percent of the price of each notebook to non-profit organizations, this new Vaio is proving crucial to Sony’s efforts to turn their image around and become a full-fledged green corporation.

6. Nokia 3110 Evolve Cell Phone

This eco-friendly phone is made from 50% renewable materials, and boasts packaging that is 60% recycled. Additionally, the phone features a built-in alert to remind consumers to unplug the phone once it’s fully chaged. A step in the right direction from a cell phone industry that’s been sluggish adopting to going green.

7. Dell OptiPlex GX520

A desktop from the Dell line, this PC boasts lead-free power supplies, motherboards, and chassis, and utilizes virtually no toxic flame retardants on its internal components. The computer also complies with environmental standards laid out by Green PC and Energy Star.

8. Recycled Music Eco-Friendly Speakers

Not only do these speakers contain 0% toxic plastic or metal– they’re also made from recycled paper! That, combined with their innovative, eye-catching design, makes these speakers a great addition to your eco-gadget collection.

9. Eco Media MP3 Player

This music player doesn’t run on batteries or electricity –it runs on human power! Simply crank the player for one minute to enjoy 40 minutes of tunes. The player also includes an AM/FM radio and a built-in flashlight, so it’s a great addition to any camping or survival kit. Finally, the player comes with a USB port, so you can charge lots of your other electronics with just a few turns of the player’s handle.

10. Blu-Ray DVD Player/Discs

Last month, Blue Ray Technologies announced the opening of the first 100% eco-friendly Blu-Ray manufacturing plant. The plant, located in Spokane, Washington, is in a recycled historical building, utilizes green technologies like underground water cooling tanks and solar panels, and has started churning out eco-friendly Blu-Ray players and discs. Blue Ray appears to be on the cutting edge of both technology and sustainability.

Finally, take a look at this electronic usage calculator from to see how much money you could save by being more fastidious about shutting off your gadgets when they’re not in use.

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