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RiverWired.com provides must-see, eco-friendly news, entertainment, and community to help people live just a little greener -- and have a lot more fun.

We know it's dawning on everyone that the time has come to change the way we live on the earth. Forget cutting carbs -- it's time to cut carbons.

But how? What really works and what doesn't? Which steps should we take first? And how on earth can we rev ourselves up to make any change at all -- because change is hard and seems to take so much energy (the rarest resource of all)?

At RiverWired, we don't pretend to have all the answers. But we do have a gathering place for people to share their stories.

The RiverWired editorial team scours the world and the web for the best writers, bloggers, photographers, videographers, and filmmakers. Then we create and filter content into six easy-to-navigate categories, showcasing entertaining and engaging material in a practical, accessible format. All to help our audience live a little greener – and have a lot of fun.

Here's what you'll find:

RiverWired TV: The most popular source of original eco-oriented video on the Web, including award-winning mini-documentaries; celebrities doing the green thing, local heroes (people and businesses making a difference), people living off-the-grid.

RiverWired Original Blogs: We showcase characters who've found practical and intriguing ways to live greener now.

RiverWired Community: RiverWired offers best-of-breed user-created content tools within a positive, trustworthy, can-do environment.

RiverWired Moneysavers and Stuff: Our green-living tips and products, videos and blogs

RiverWired Entertainment: Original games and polls, quizzes, blogs and videos and articles all present fun and interesting tidbits and strategies for greener living.

RiverWired Recommends: Every day, we feature the best-of-the-web in green news, blogs, videos, and information available internationally.

And our content is organized in six easy-to-access departments so you can get what you want and need fast:

Business & Innovation (Investing, Corporate Culture, Sustainable Ideas, New Technology)

Design & Shelter (Art & Architecture, Home & Gardening, Style)

Food & Travel (Cooking. Dining Out, Farm to table, Eco Travel)

Moneysavers & Stuff (Clothes, Gadgets, Products & Ideas)

People & Media (Celebrities, Local Heroes, Pop Culture, Books & Music, TV & Internet)

Transportation & Energy (Bikes & Cars, Energy Innovations, Public Transportation, Climate & Nature)

So start looking around -- let us know what you like and what you want to find out more about. Check out our RiverWired Team and what others are saying about us.

It's time to have some good green fun.





Catherine Billon has spent 20 years devising and launching new businesses in companies in media and entertainment companies such as Time Warner, Discovery Channel, Columbia Tri-Star, National Geographic Television and two Internet start-ups. In January 2006, she founded RiverWired out of the desire to connect people, ideas, and information around a movement of positive social and environmental change. Although lately she's been focused on making RiverWired an even better site, she hopes to get back to skiing in the mountains of Colorado some time in the distant future. She graduated from Brown University and Columbia Business School.



Will Nicklin has 20 years experience helping companies grow by leveraging technology. Having started as a developer, Will moved on to bridge IT with business in the commerce, publishing and health industries, most recently as VP Technology at Matria Healthcare (through acquisition of Miavita, Inc - where he was a member of the founding management team). A desire to return to the adventures of startups and a keen interest in the enviroment led him to join RiverWired. To keep balance outside work, Will likes to keep up his karate practice and explore ways to put sustainable living into practice back at his family home in rural Virginia.


SUSAN SELIGER, SVP, Editor-in-Chief

Susan Seliger is an award-winning writer and editor who has helped launch and re-launch four web sites before her favorite: RiverWired.com. Working as a top-level executive at a number of national magazines and organizations including Time Inc, Hearst, Dow Jones and Working Mother Magazine, she has honed a blend of editorial expertise and business savvy. She is the author of a health book, STOP KILLING YOURSELF: Make Stress Work for You (Putnam’s) and the ghostwriter of WONDERFUL MARRIAGE: What You Can Do To Make Love Last a Lifetime (to be published Spring 2008).Her work has been published in New York Magazine, The Economist, Travel & Leisure, Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, Redbook, Self, McCall's, Ladies Home Journal, The Washington Post, WebMD.com, to name a few.By night, she is an occasional storyteller who has performed original material in Manhattan theater clubs. (Don’t tell her mother.) She is a Clarion Award winner and holds an M.A. and a B.A. from the University of Chicago. (Her mother knows that.)


GARY BREECE Executive Producer

Gary Breece is an award winning producer/director with more than 15 years of experience in commercial, documentary and news production. Gary began his career as a field producer at a Washington news bureau where he conducted interviews and produced segments for sixty-five local news stations nationwide. With an established background in news production, Gary moved to Los Angeles and launched Focus Productions, a company which produced and distributed video news releases and client-sponsored documentaries for Fortune 500 companies including McDonald’s, Nike, Campbell’s Soup, Ralston Purina and Midas. In recent years, Gary has moved into directing commercials, public service announcements and long form film-based productions. His directing credits now include spots for McDonald’s, Energizer, Mastercard, Holiday Inn, Florida Citrus Growers and Gerber, featuring celebrities and sports personalities such as Danny Glover, Lauren Bacall, Michael Jordan and Pete Sampras, among others.

MARCUS RICCI, Assistant Editor

Marcus Ricci is a graduate of Northwestern University with degrees in English and Political Science. He recently relocated to New York after a brief stint in Chicago, and was introduced to the wonders of RiverWired by his friend and colleague, Matt Pearson. Marcus is a musician, composer and writer, and looks forward to meeting the artistically inclined in his new home town.


MATT PEARSON, Assistant Editor

Matt recently graduated from Northwestern University with a heart full of creativity and very little direction. A student of the arts, he has worked professionally in theater, film, and arts education for many years, and recently became interested in the internet as a platform for cultural mobilization. His talented cadre of friends, many working in green fields like organic farming and urban sustainability, inspired him to get serious about eco-friendly systems and green living. When he met the folks at RiverWired, he knew he had found a group of people who were dedicated to making environmental change fun, free, and forward-thinking. Already pretty 'crunchy' at heart, working at RiverWired has nonetheless inspired a green revolution in his thoughts and daily life. He loves to travel, and no matter where in the world he is the one place he'll never miss is the local market. When he's not working at RiverWired, he enjoys animated conversations and/or dancing with large groups of friends.



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